90-Year-Old Woman Has Dance-Off With Santa

An unidentified 90-year-old woman recently showed off her moves in a “golden Christmas dance-off” with a Santa, played by Christopher Tate, in Washington D.C.

Tate and his children were handing out presents to senior citizens when the impromptu dance-off broke out. 

Tate posted a video of their dancing on Facebook on Dec. 24, and told WABC:

I teach my children to give because giving is everything, and although I am shocked that this video has reached over 5 million views, I am elated over the love and well wishes I’ve gotten from all over the world from Australia to Belgium to Italy to Cuba to Denmark. People are inspired to go and take better care of our seniors and to appreciate our seniors and to [love] our seniors.

(Sources: Christopher Tate/Facebook, WABC)

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