7 Rats As Big As Cats Take Over Family’s Kitchen

A public housing project in the Bronx section of New York City is being overrun by rats as big as cats.

Veronica Martinez, who had seven rats take over her kitchen in the Claremont Consolidated Houses project, told WCBS that she was “traumatized” by the harrowing experience:

I should never have to experience not one but seven rats in my kitchen. It’s disgusting. All over the stove, the washing machine, they just invaded my apartment.

Another tenant described the situation:

My wife can hardly sleep because you hear them in the walls.

Asia Clemente said her one-year-old son was bitten by a rat:

If we’re paying you rent we deserve to live like human beings, not live like we’re savages, because we’re not.

Tenant Marilyn Veguilla took a picture of some garbage left out in the courtyard, which attracts the rats:

I got small kids upstairs. There’s about four of us with asthma. We cant be dealing with this kind of condition.

Bronx Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson said Mayor Bill de Blasio should see the horrible living conditions:

Come to Claremont Consolidated, and see how your residents, how our constituents, are living day to day. It’s not acceptable. You wouldn’t live like this.

A spokesperson for New York City Housing Authority said it will come up with a plan that will include inspections and fixing unsafe conditions:

Our residents should not have to live in these conditions. We apologize to our residents and will continue to vigilantly monitor this situation.

(Source: WCBS)

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