57 Buffalo Cops Quit Emergency Response Team After Two Officers Are Suspended For Assaulting Unarmed Elderly Man

All 57 police officers of the Buffalo Police Department quit the department’s Emergency Response Team because two officers were suspended after brutally assaulting 75-year-old Martin Gugino on June 4.

However, the cops have not quit the police department, notes the Buffalo News.

Not one of the police officers stopped to assist Gugino who was bleeding on the concrete. A national guardsman did stop to help the senior who is listed in serious, but stable condition at a hospital.

Buffalo Police Benevolent Association president John Evans used the infamous Nazi excuse from the Nuremberg trials, notes WIVB:

Fifty-seven resigned in disgust because of the treatment of two of their members, who were simply executing orders.

The Erie County District Attorney’s Office is investigating the police assault on the senior citizen.

(Sources: WIVB, Wikipedia, The Buffalo News, Photo Credit: WBFO/Twitter)

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