3.5 Million More Uninsured Americans Under Trump

Nearly 3.5 million Americans have become uninsured since President Dona Trump took office in January, a sharp contrast to the record lows under President Obama.

The uninsured rate has gone up under Trump by 1.4 percent, bringing the total percentage of uninsured Americans to 12.3 percent, notes Gallup.

The uninsured rate has increased “mostly among middle-aged Americans, racial minorities and lower-income Americans,” Gallup reports.

The possible causes for the increase in uninsured Americans are insurance companies choosing to pull out of markets for their own profit-driven motives, and the uncertainty of the health insurance industry, which has been jarred by Trump’s refusal to pay federal subsidies to help poor people get insurance under Obamacare, notes CNBC.

Gallup reports “the number of uninsured Americans likely will continue to rise” unless Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress act.

(Sources: Gallup, CNBC, Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

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