2 Georgia Cops Tackle Black Boy, 10, For Trying To Speak To His Dad, Crowd Turns On Police

A video has surfaced of two white police officers in Athens-Clarke County, Georgia, pinning a 10-year-old black boy on the ground on July 20.

Ariel Collins filmed and posted the video on Facebook, where it has gone viral.

The two men hold the boy down on his stomach in a field as a crowd screams at the police.

Athens-Clarke County Police Department claimed in a press release that boy “lunged at one of the officers” after running past family members in an effort to speak to his father, who was in the back of a police car, notes The Red & Black.

The police claimed that one officer “caught the child in mid-air and the momentum of the child launching himself caused the both of them to land on the patrol car.”

The police also claimed that he child “continued to be emotionally distraught” about his father, which is why the two adult officers “place[d] him on the ground.”

The officers claimed they were attempting to “de-escalate” the situation, which quickly escalated.

The officers claimed to be “assuring the child was not under arrest and that we would let him up if he would remain calm,”

The boy’s father was reportedly arrested for domestic violence charges, according to the police report.

Despite the press release defense, ACC Police Chief Scott Freeman has ordered an internal affairs investigation and the release of the officer’s body cam footage, according to the statement. 

(Sources: The Red & Black, Ariel Collins/Facebook)

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