2 Cops Arrested After Torturing Teen In Restraint Chair With Taser

Two corrections officers at the Cheatham County Jail in Tennessee were criminally charged on June 26 for a November 5, 2016, incident in which 18-year-old Jordan Norris was tased while buckled in a restraining chair.

Jail surveillance video shows several officers gathered around to watch the brutal torture of Norris.

One of the deputies yelled at Norris, who was strapped into restraints:

Stop resisting!

Norris’ stepfather, William Chapman, told WTVF that he counted more than 40 burns all over the teen’s body:

When I found that he was actually strapped to a restraint chair, it was even more mind-boggling; it didn’t make any sense.

The Tennessean noted that Norris had been arrested on drug and weapons possession charges, but began to suffer a “mental health episode” and banged his head against the door while in jail. 

Norris was placed in the restraining chair for three hours, and authorities claimed the restrained teen was “very combative” during that time.

The Washington Post reported that Deputy Sheriff Mark Bryant used a stun gun on the restrained teen for 50 seconds, at times inches from his heart. 

Bryant threatened Norris during the Taser torture:

I’ll keep on doing that until I run out of batteries!

There was second round of Taser torture the same night.

Benjamin Raybin, one of Norris’s lawyers, told The Washington Post:

The repeated and prolonged use of a Taser against a fully restrained person amounts to torture; the videos speak for themselves.

WTVF reports that only two of the officers were charged on June 26:

Former Corporal Mark Bryant was charged with two counts of Excessive Force Under the Color of Law, and two counts of Destruction, Alteration or Falsification of Records in Federal Investigations.

Sergeant Gary Ola was charged with two counts of making false statements to federal investigators.

Both Ola and Bryant pleaded not guilty, and were released without bail by federal Magistrate Judge Barbara Holmes.

(Sources: WTVF, WTVFThe Washington Post, The Tennessean)

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